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Windows Sampling

Equipment used for this service includes:

Rotary Drilling

Equipment used for this service includes:

Diamond Drilling

Diamond coring is carried out for one of the following reasons:-

  • To form a hole through an area of hard standing, to allow the drilling of a borehole.
  • To recover a sample of concrete, masonry or Tarmacadam for inspection and testing.

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The SERB (Specialist Excavation of Railway Ballast) is a machine which has been developed to advance the technology of railway trackbed investigation. It enables good quality, consistent, representative sampling of coarse granular materials.

Equipment used for this service include:-

ABS Sampling

Automatic Ballast Sampling (ABS) is a method of obtaining a sample of railway ballast and underlying strata using 1-meter long heavy duty steel tubes driven into the ground to depths of 1 - 2 meters. (Greater depths can be achieved if necessary)

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Reporting and Laboratory Testing

Factual Reporting and Geotechnical / Environmental Testing can be carried out at very competitive rates. Please call us or email us via our contact form